About us

The Calgary Patriots foster long term growth and development of the athlete as a person, not only as a swimmer. To achieve this, we encourage the process of achieving excellence, not simply the attainment of the goal. We believe through emphasizing the process, each individual will develop strong personal characteristics, such as an appreciation for the value of hard work, teamwork, self-discipline and strong self-esteem. The Swim Club undertakes the responsibiity to provide each individual with the support necessary in their pursuit of excellence. We provide a safe and positive environment to foster the development of the skills required for each individual to achieve their goals. ​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

mission statement

The Calgary Patriots is a competitive swim club dedicated to the overall development of individuals to their maximum potential.

​​​​​​​guiding principles

We will strive to:

Provide provincial, national and international experiences to those individuals who possess the ability, willingness and commitment to the pursuit of excellence.

Offer safe, constructive, diverse, and rewarding experiences to all of our members.

Encourage positive character development.

Instill a lifelong love of the sport of swimming.

Offer the best coaching and long term planning for the membership.


We value:

 Commitment to the pursuit of excellence.

 Dedication and hard work focused toward achieving individual and team goals.

 Fun, friendship, and sportsmanship with honesty and fair-mindedness.

 Physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

 Responsible behaviour, independence, and adaptability.

 Family support and parental involvement.