Swim Links

Swim Alberta is responsible for overseeing and promoting competitive swimming programs and events within the province. It collaborates with swim clubs, coaches, and athletes to foster the development of swimmers at various levels, from grassroots to elite competition.

Swimming Canada, the national governing body for competitive swimming, oversees and promotes the sport nationwide. It focuses on development, supporting programs, athletes, coaches, and officials. The organization ensures fair competition through oversight, establishes standards, and organizes events at various levels. Swimming Canada also fosters athlete development, offers coaching and official training, advocates for swimming's importance, and represents Canadian swimmers globally, emphasizing inclusivity and excellence in the sport.

World Aquatics is the primary international governing body of aquatic sports, including disciplines such as swimming, diving, water polo, synchronized swimming, and open water swimming. It plays a pivotal role in orchestrating and regulating international competitions, establishing standards and rules for each aquatic sport, fostering worldwide participation, and nurturing the development of athletes and coaches. Embracing a diverse range of water-based activities, World Aquatics seeks to unite enthusiasts, promote excellence, and elevate the profile of aquatic sports on the global stage.

The Sport for Life Society evolved from a decade of work supporting the expansive Canadian Sport for Life movement. The aim was to create partnerships between the sport, education, recreation, and health sectors while aligning community, provincial, and national programming.

SwimCloud is a platform designed to enhance the experience of swimmers, coaches, and teams in the competitive swimming community. It provides tools and features for tracking and analyzing swim performance data, managing training plans, and facilitating communication among coaches, athletes, and parents.