​​​​​​​Q. When does registration for the 2024-25 season begin?
A. Registration for returning members will commence on July 2, 2024, while new members can register starting from July 15, 2024. Registration will be completed online on our website. 

Q. Where can I find the registration package for the 2024-25 season?
A. The Calgary Patriots 2024-25 registration package is now available. You can access the Registration Package from the Programs menu at the top of the screen or simply click here

Q. When does the swim season run, and how many sessions are there?
A. The Calgary Patriots Swim Club offers a single session from September to June each season. 

​​​​​​​Q. How old does my child have to be to join the Calgary Patriots Swim Club?
​​​​​​​A. The average starting age of swimmers joining the Club for the first time is 8-10 years old. Our competitive swimming program is geared towards youth aged 8-18.

Q. Does the Calgary Patriots Swim Club offer swim lessons?
​​​​​​​A. The Calgary Patriots Swim Club is not a learn to swim program. Individuals looking for a learn to swim program are encouraged to explore alternative programs such as Calgary P-Too. 

Q. Does the Calgary Patriots Swim Club offer a summer swimming program?
​​​​​​​A. No, we do not offer a summer swimming program. 


​​​​​​​Q. Where can I find the equipment list?
A. From the Equipment tab at the top of the main page, choose ‘Equipment List’ from the dropdown menu. 

Q. Do I need to buy everything on the equipment list?
A. No! None of the items are mandatory, although we do recommend all swimmers have a team swim cap and Patriots t-shirt*
Your coach will let you know what other equipment (fins, kickboard) is needed once the season starts.

*All new members will receive a Patriots t-shirt with registration. These shirts will be distributed in September.

Q. How do I order Patriots equipment online? 
The Calgary Patriots Pro Shop is currently CLOSED and will re-open mid-August 2024.

  • Go to the Equipment tab at the top of the page.
  • From the dropdown menu, select ‘SHOP NOW.’ (CLOSED)
  • Browse and locate the item you wish to order, then add it to your cart.
  • For personalized items: Select your swimmer from the "For Member" pull down menu and include the NAME to be printed on the item in the "Remarks" box. 
  • When you have finished shopping, return to your cart and click ‘Submit.’

Q. Will my credit card be charged when I submit an order? 
​​​​​​​A. No, you do not need to pay for your order upfront. Once your order is processed and ready for pick up, we will bill your Patriots account. The billed amount will be included in your monthly invoice, which is due for payment on the first day of the following month.

Q. What is the Patriots equipment start up order? Why do I need to submit it by September xx, 2024?
​​​​​​​A. At the end of September, we will place an order for personalized items like caps, hoodies, team jackets, and parkas. This order occurs only once per season. We also place orders for custom items like t-shirts, swimsuits, sweatpants, and toques based primarily on demand. Orders for non-personalized items can be placed throughout the season, subject to availability. There is no obligation to order. 

Q. Can I email my equipment order to the Patriots Office?
​​​​​​​A. No, all orders must be placed through the Pro Shop. Once your order is ready for pickup, we will contact you to provide pickup details.

Q. How can I view my order(s)?
​​​​​​​A. To view your order(s) at any time, sign in to your Patriots account and select ‘My Account’ > ‘My Orders' from the dropdown menu below your email address.​​​​​​​


Q. What does a swimmer need at a swim meet?
A. Not an exhaustive list, but here are some essentials every swimmer should have for a swim meet: 

  1. Swimsuits - Always pack at least one extra swimsuit. It’s common for suits to get stretched out or torn during a meet, so having a backup is crucial.
  2. Goggles - A good pair of goggles is vital. Ensure they fit well and are comfortable for extended wear. It's wise to bring an extra pair in case a strap breaks.
  3. Swim Caps - While any cap can be worn during practice, Patriot swimmers should use a Patriot cap at meets. Silicone caps are more durable and don't stretch out easily, making them preferable, though latex caps are suitable for younger swimmers. Bring a couple extra just in case.
  4. Towels - Pack several towels to dry off between races. Quick-drying towels are particularly useful on busy meet days.
  5. Footwear - Protect your swimmer’s feet with flip-flops or deck shoes, which also help keep their feet dry and warm while walking around the pool deck.
  6. Clothing
    • Warm-Up Gear - Depending on the weather and pool conditions, include warm clothing like sweatpants, hoodies, or jackets.
    • Change of Clothes - Dry clothes for changing after the meet are a must. Don’t forget underwear and socks!
    • Team Apparel - Wearing club t-shirts, hats, or other apparel shows team spirit. Remember to label your items to avoid mix-ups.
  7. Snacks and Hydration
    • Water Bottle - Hydration is key for optimal performance. Ensure your swimmer has a refillable water bottle and drinks regularly.
    • Healthy Snacks - Bring nutritious snacks like fruits, granola bars, or trail mix. Opt for lighter snacks to avoid feeling sluggish.
  8. Extras 
    • Sun Protection - For outdoor meets, include sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats to protect against the sun.
    • Entertainment - Books, games, or electronic devices can help pass the time during breaks, but ensure they don’t distract from the races.

By preparing these items, your swimmer will be well-equipped for a successful and enjoyable meet. 


Q. Can I link swim calendar(s) to my devices?
A. Yes, you may link squad calendars to your devices by doing the following: 

  1. Using the Google Chrome browser, navigate to and sign into or create a Google Account. A 'Sign In' icon will be located in the top right hand corner of the Google home page.
  2. Navigate to the Calgary Patriots Swim Club website, click 'CALENDARS' in the horizontal menu at the top of the page.
  3. Select the calendar you wish to link.
  4. Click on the '+GoogleCalendar' icon in the bottom right hand corner of the calendar.
  5. An 'Add calendar' pop up will appear; click 'Add'.
  6. If your Google Calendar is linked to your device the selected calendar will appear.
  7. Should you need further assistance, please refer to Google Calendar Help.


Q. What is the volunteer commitment required with the Calgary Patriots?
A. The Club requires the following volunteer commitment from member families each year: 

  1. A swim family members is required to volunteer to work a casino annually or pay a $250 annual buyout fee. The Club requires volunteers to work casino shifts over two days, every 18-24 months at a designated casino in the city. 
  2. Each swim family is expected to have at least one Member attend at least one officials’ training clinic, and shadow twice on deck at swim meets held during the course of the 2024-25 season. This is required to become certified in an official’s role and/or enables you to achieve the next Swim Canada Officiating Level. Additional information on officiating and the Club requirements may be found at on the Officiating page.
  3. Each swim family must provide a volunteer for a minimum of 2 shifts (sessions) at each of our Club hosted swim meets (Team Champs, Pugsley’s Plunge, Chinook Invitational, and any other Patriots hosted meets). This applies to meets that your swimmer(s) may or may not be attending. If a swim family does not register for at least two sessions at each Club hosted meet, by the registration deadline communicated by the Club, a fine of $400 will be charged to their Patriots account. Similarly, a fine of $250 will be charged to a family’s Patriots account if they are registered for only a single shift. Additional information on officiating and the Club requirements may be found on the Officiating page and in the 2024-25 Registration Package

Q. Besides officiating, what volunteer opportunities exist within the Calgary Patriots Swim Club?
A. The Club has a number of volunteer opportunities available for our member families including joining the Board of Directors, Squad Parents, and Chaperones. Additional information for each of the roles can be found on the Opportunities page. 


Q. What meets does Swim Alberta host and what are the differences between them?
A. Swim Alberta hosts three levels of competion annually; Festivals, Provincal Trials, and Provincal Championships. Below is a brief summary of each but more information may be found on the Provincial Meets & Championships page


Swim Alberta Festivals are tailored for young swimmers, specifically targeting females aged 10 and under, and males aged 11 and under, who are usually in the developmental phases of their swimming journey. These festivals often serve as an initial foray into competitive swimming at the provincial level for many young participants. Held biannually in Winter (January) and Summer (June) and split between South and North Alberta, participation in these events is subject to swimmers meeting a specific age and gender-based time standard outlined on the Swim Alberta Times Standards page, which is reviewed and updated annually

Provincial Trials Short Course 

The Alberta Provincial Trials mark a pivotal stage for competitive swimmers in Alberta, acting as a qualifying event for higher-level competitions. Swimmers target two age and gender-specific time standards outlined on the annually reviewed Swim Alberta Times Standards page. These trials are fiercely competitive, drawing elite swimmers from accross the province. Succeeding at Swim Alberta Trials unlocks pathways to advanced levels of competition, signifying a critical milestone in a swimmers' career progression

Provincial Championships Long Course 

The Swim Alberta Provincial Championships represent the pinnacle of competitive swimming in the province, attracting elite swimmers competing for prestigious titles. Entrants qualify by either winning an event at Provincal Trials or meeting two age and gender-specific time standards specified on the annually reviewed Swim Alberta Times Standards page. 

Summer Provincials Long Course 

The Summer Provincials offer aspiring swimmers a chance to train and compete throughout July. Female swimmers aged 14 & under, and male swimmers aged 15 & under qualify for this event based on their ranking. Swim Alberta publishes short course and long course rankings for each age group, using the competition age-up date. Swimmers ranking in the top 20 in any event, 50m – 400m, by June 15th automatically qualify. Post-June 15th, swimmers can qualify by swimming faster than the 20th ranked time in their age group, provided there are 20 swimmers ranked in that event. Rankings are available on the Swim Alberta Provincial Meets & Championships page, updated multiple times throughout the swim season.

Female swimmers aged 15 & over and male swimmers aged 16 & over qualify for the Summer Provincials by achieving at least one Provincial Trials standard in any event.

(To new swim families, some recommendations from those who have spent their fair share of time at the pool) 

1. Download the Meet Mobile App
Meet Mobile allows users, including swimmers, coaches, and spectators, to access real-time information about swim meets, including event schedules, heat sheets, results, and other relevant details. Users can easily track their favorite swimmers, receive notifications for upcoming events, and stay informed about the progress of the competition.

2. Join the Calgary Patriots Buy, Sell & Swap Facebook Group
It is a private group to sell or swap Calgary Patriots swim gear, suits or swag.