volunteer opportunities

Volunteers make our events run smoothly and keep club costs down. Take advantage of the opportunity to be more involved in the swim community! You will find new friends, learn new skills and make a difference. There are many different volunteer roles available to fit your interest. It is the time, energy and commitment of our volunteers, that make the Patriots such a great club!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Casino and Bingo
The Patriots derive a significant source of funding to subsidize its program costs from casino and bingo funding. Such funding helps to maintain the Club’s low fee structure relative to other swim programs in Calgary.


To access the casino funding, the Club requires volunteers to work casino shifts over two days, every 18-24 months at a designated casino in the city. Working a casino shift is a fun way to get to know other Patriots members and is a meaningful way of providing much needed funding for the Club. All members will get a $80 credit to their account for working a casino shift. The next Calgary Patriots casino dates are in January 2024.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Casino Volunteer Buyout
    A $100 annual buyout fee per family is available if members are unable to volunteer their time for the Calgary Patriots casino shifts. This buyout fee will be optional at the time of registration and will be billed in September. By NOT choosing the buyout option, you are agreeing to be available should the Club require you as a volunteer at the next Calgary Patriots casino opportunity. 

    Bingo Credits
    In addition to casino funding, the Club also participates in and receives funding from bingo proceeds which is supported by volunteers from the Club. For each bingo shift worked by a Patriots Member, a $80 credit (amount may be subject to change by the Club) is applied to that Member’s Patriots account, reducing any amounts owing to the Club. Bingo volunteering is not mandatory but is made available to Members to help subsidize their costs incurred with the Club. Should you wish to volunteer for bingos during the year, please contact Nicole at bingo@calgarypatriots.com. 

    Board of Directors
    The Board of Directors meets on a regular basis and is made up of the Patriots community. Some of the duties of the Board of Directors include: 

    • promoting membership in the Club;
    • hiring employees to operate the Club;
    • maintaining and protecting the Club’s assets and property;
    • financing the operations of the Club, including maintaining all accounts and financial records of the Club;
    • making policies, rules and regulations for operating and managing the Club.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


    Take the opportunity to learn more about competitive swimming and get the best seat in the house - on deck. Each family is required to participate in officiating for the club. For information on club requirements and being an official at a meet, please see our Officiating page

    Hospitality Team for Hosted Meets
    The Calgary Patriots take good care of their officials - infact we have a reputation for it. The hospitality team organizes meals and snacks during hosted meets. For more information contact the officials coordinator at officials@calgarypatriots.com.

    Squad Parents
    Volunteer to be squad parent and help your coach organize the Christmas and Year End parties. Contact office@calgarypatriots.com for more information.

    The Calgary Patriots endeavours to provide a safe environment for swimmers at out of town meets. Chaperoning provides parents with an opportunity to assist the team, get to know the other swimmers on the team and to better understand swim meet procedures and events. Please see the Chaperone Policy and Chaperone Procedures, or contact office@calgarypatriots.com for more information.