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Calgary Patriots foster long term growth and development of the athlete as a person, not only as a swimmer.

At the Calgary Patriots we believe that

"Excellence is an Attitude".


equipment pick up

MRU - MON sept 25

5:00-6:00pm MRU Rec Parking Lot 2
Squads: White/Green 2, Grey

mru - tue sept 26

4:00-6:15pm MRU Rec Parking Lot 2 
Squads: Green 1, Black, Red, Bronze

mnp - wed sept 27

4:00-6:00pm MNP Bleachers (north end)
Squads: Red, Bronze, Silver, Gold

MNP - thu sept 28

4:00-6:30pm MNP Bleachers (north end)
Squads: Silver, Gold, and White 1 (if Friday pick up does not work)

mru - fri sept 29

4:15-4:45pm MRU Rec Parking Lot 2
Squads: White, Grey, Black

Glenmore - fri sept 29

5:00-5:45pm Glenmore Pool Parking Lot
Squads: Grey, Black

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07/10/2023 02:00 PM
​​​​​​​Some Memories from Montana
​​​​​​​Kevin Coulman

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