volunteer obligations

You have a requirement to volunteer at all of our Club hosted swim meets. You must also acquire and maintain training as a meet official. This is necessary to maintain enough trained officials to run a swim meet.

Officials training: Each swim family is expected to have at least one Member attend at least one officials’ training clinic, and shadow twice on deck at swim meets held during the course of the 2024-25 season. This is required to become certified in an official’s role and/or enables you to achieve the next Swim Canada Officiating Level. The Calgary Patriots will provide opportunities each year for various training clinics.

Volunteering as an official: In addition, each swim family must provide a volunteer for a minimum of 2 shifts (sessions) at each of our Club hosted swim meets (Team Champs, Pugsley’s Plunge, Chinook Invitational, and any other Patriots hosted meets). This applies to meets that your swimmer(s) may or may not be attending.

​​​​​​​For more information regarding Officials, contact the Officials Coordinator via email at





Level I - Red Pin

A. Complete the Introduction to Swimming Officiating clinic, also known as the 'Timer clinic'.

B. Complete the Safety Marshal clinic.  

C. Complete registration in the Swimming Canada Officials Registration System.

Note: The requirements for Level I (A, B, C) may be completed simultaneously or in any order.



Level II - White Pin

A. Certify in Level I by obtaining two successful deck evaluations in the role of Timekeeper.

B. Complete the Judge of Stroke/Inspector of Turns clinic and obtain two successful deck evaluations. 

C. Complete one other Level II clinic listed below and obtain two successful deck evaluations:

  • Chief Timekeeper;
  • Clerk of Course;
  • Chief Finish Judge (CFJ) / Chief Judge Electronics (CJE);
  • Meet Manager;
  • Starter.

Note: Certification in the role of Chief Finish Judge/Chief Judge Electronics requires that an official obtain at least one of the two deck evaluations in the role of Chief Finish Judge.

Completing the requirements for Level II (A, B, C) may happen simultaneously or in any order. ​​​​​​​




Online Training

  1. Go to

  2. Select the online course that you are interested in taking. 

    The timer course is inside the 'Introduction to Swimming Clinic'.

  3. Read through the PowerPoint. 

  4. At the next meet, sign up for the new position indicating that you will be a “SHADOW” and need to be mentored in this position. Once a basic understanding of the position is understood from the PowerPoint most of the actual learning is accomplished “on the job.

​​​​​​​Officials CODE OF CONDUCT and ETHICS

The Swim Alberta Code of Conduct and Ethics can be found here.